Saturday, July 30, 2005

Debonair, NO?

Just thought I'd post this recent image from a local wine event for all my fans (for they are legion). In this photo I've just said something witty and slightly disparaging about our hosts for the amusement of this attractive young woman who graced me with her company. I think it was due to our lack of wine possession which was soon remedied.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Viticulture and Enology Conference a Success.

The British Columbia Wine Institute's annual Vit/Eno get together has just wrapped up and from all reports was a success for all that attended.
Excellent speakers, appreciative crowds and plenty of participants in the trade show venue made for some busy days for all conference-goers.
Although a bit late in the year, the conference is ideal for grape and wine people to get together and shoot the breeze and to find out what's new for the vineyard and the cellar. Hope is that the dates will be changed to May or June next year at the latest so vintage planning won't be held-up. It's a must-be-at for all professionals in the business.
Thanks to all the sponsors who supplied lunch, coffee breaks and door prizes over the 2-plus day event.

The Rhone Rangers

Great opportunity to taste some wine in Seattle on August 6th.
The Rhone Rangers will be having an event and there will be at least 44 wineries pouring that night.
Check out the link to get more information.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Let's Get it OUT there...

Starting to get reports of me.... rumour mill in full grind... so let's do this . . .

As of September 1, I will be winemaker at Township 7. I'll be based at their Penticton location.

If you are interested - Stag's Hollow is looking for assistance in the wine making department.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Wine Land of Opportunity

This valley (and the rest of the province) is quickly becoming the land of opportunity to anyone with even a little winery experience and and a lot of passion.

There seems to be unprecedented levels of investor interest in the Okanagan right now with plenty of money being tossed around to secure land and talent.

Vineyard and potential vineyard properties spend little time on the market before they're snatched up and sellers seem to be getting the prices they want. New winery operations are cropping up and demand for quality grapes is putting some upward pressure on prices.

The situation is similar for human resources. The new players want talent on staff and they seem to have no qualms about making offers that can't be refused. In the past, wineries would look outside the country for established experts but now there seems to be added interest in winemakers and vineyard managers who already have a working knowledge of the BC climate, soils and varietals. That's not to say there still isn't considerable cachet attached to imported talent. But a lot of these new operations want to hit the ground running and to shorten the time axis on the old learning curve.