Saturday, September 17, 2005

Absent - Caught in Whirlpool of Life

I haven't dropped off the face of the earth but you can imagine what this time of the year is like for a winemaker in the northern hemisphere. Add to that a change of residence, change of employer and the consulting side of things expanding and you may get some appreciation of what is up!

A quick vintage report: We're on the cusp of crush here in the Okanagan Valley. Some early varieties have started to pick but the great majority are waiting for a couple of more points on the Brix chart before harvest can commence. A cooler September than we've been used to has slowed things nicely and it looks like we'll have a well-paced crush with various varieties arriving at the winery in intervals rather than all at once in a hot year. The long range forcast today shows a sharp temperature upswing at the end of the month. If that holds we can expect a flurry of activity in the first week of October.

This slight delay has been personally beneficial. I've used the extra time to get used to my new environments at Township 7 and elsewhere. I toured a few other locations and, frankly, it's a little late to be pouring concrete and expect to use it this autumn.

I'll try to update when I'm able.

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