Friday, January 13, 2006

In a Wine World this Big, There's Always A Crisis Somewhere.

When you read the wine blogs it's easy to get the idea that the basic structure of the wine business is steadily heading toward collapse. There always seems to be grave circumstances somewhere that threatens to hamper the business of making wine and getting it to consumers at a fair price.
For instance, this story. It seems the wholesalers are at it again with their giant wallets. Trying to shape legislation to suit their bank accounts.
Could this happen here? At already does to a certain extent. The wholesaler here (the government) adopts a Big Brother attitude about prices and access. Because they know what's good for us.
To keep up on these kind of stories I can always depend on Fermentation. Tom hates it when he sees one group trying to take advantage of another. He's all over the Illinois story.


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