Thursday, April 20, 2006

Winery Loose Ends In Process of Being Tied Up

Nice headline. Now that's good English. Nice syntax.

Heading out for a little holiday early next week. This means leaving the ship with the first mate and making sure the crew is informed and inspired.

Taking care of a labeling schedule, readying some Chard for cold stab and protein stab work.
Organizing some packaging requirements for Township 7 and a couple of the other interests I work for who will all be bottling in mid-May.

After some deliberation and tasting (repetitive) we've decided to get the Township '04 Syrah out of barrel and start final blending trials. We feel the oak contact is pretty well where we want it.

Out in the vineyard the major work with the existing vines has been accomplished. I haven't checked the numbers but I think it's been a cool spring and we still won't see any serious bud break for awhile at this rate. The last empty acreage will be prepped and planted over the next few months and the contractor will be in to do the rough work while I'm gone.

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