Monday, October 16, 2006

Looking at a WHOPPING BIG YEAR. Lots of GR8 Wine.

Yields are way up in the white department after a dissapointing 2005. The quality is above average across the board. Quality of fruit was never an issue last year, just the small amount of it.

In the reds, volumes are again above normal but not as dramatically as the whites. Merlot came in early as it kept maturing during the heat spikes while other more sensitive varietals (you know who you are Mr. Pinot) shut down.

Quality will not be an issue for reds, either.

Handling and traffic is the main concern.

Township 7 may end up 40% above last year's numbers. Some of the other interests I'm involved in are looking at total volume increases as well with Stone Mountain (new) up a whopping 150%.

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