Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wine Brand Needs A Name

After many vintages gaining experience and working on other people's dreams, my wife and I are embarking on an exciting project.

We're creating our own wine brand. Ultimately, we will be establishing a winery operation here in the Okanagan and living out our own dream.

Meanwhile, we have an exquisite 2006 Pinot Noir with no label and no name that is ready for release in a very short time.

We've been tossing around a few ideas. The ones I like, she doesn't and vice versa. The veto is getting plenty of use.

We're inviting friends, family and the wine drinking public to offer up some ideas that we can use to identify our brand.

If it helps, here are a few items in point form about our lives together than may inspire or suggest something.

  • I grew up in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

  • We met working in the bar business.

  • Our birthdays in April are only four days apart.

  • She grew up in a number of communties in the Canadian prairie provinces.

  • Our names arranged properly begin with A,B,C and D.

  • We both drive Toyotas

  • We married in a town called Russell, Bay of Islands, New Zealand.

  • We dislike animal names for wine or wineries, with some exceptions.

  • Our son has artwork that is being actively considered for label art. He's eight.

Of course, the winning suggestion or derivative of such will be rewarded.

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