Monday, December 14, 2009

Black Cloud Fans - You Need To Get Cloudy

We've been very pleased with the recent sales surge for Black Cloud Pinot Noir. It's been almost 10 months since we released the 2006. Despite having little marketing experience or budget, word has spread and people (you) seem to really like what we have to offer. It's really starting to take-off.

This kind of success means it won't be long until we'll have to start allocating Black Cloud wines. This means our partners and our private customers will have first dibs on any new release. We only make a few hundred cases. As you may imagine, we can't supply everyone.

So now we're asking our fans to get Cloudy.

If you're one of the restaurants or private liquor stores that have been selling Black Cloud, you're automatically on the list.

Private individuals who are interested should submit their email address by sending it to . Don't assume you're automatically on the list because you bought some Black Cloud previously. We only add people to the list who really want to get Cloudy news. Nobody needs unwanted email.

Media: please indicate who you are and your primary food/wine focus.

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