Monday, April 04, 2005

Vineyard Update.

In this part of the world spring is upon us.
If vineyard owners haven't finished their pruning they'd better get on it.
The vines are pushing; sap is running from the fresh cuts and buds are swelling in anticipation of bursting in just a short time.
Vineyard crews are busy tying canes into position and taking advantage of the 'no-foliage' situation to tighten trellis wires and other hardware along the rows. I've got a special project coming up involving pull-down wires in the Pinot Noir.
Migrant birds are back, Tickleberry's ice cream shop has re-opened and the local ski mountain has shut down. The outdoor flea market has opened again on weekends; a colourful display of wretched cast-offs. The Pope's demise has been a hot topic of discussion. We're all hoping that Cardinal Donald Cherry will be selected as his successor.

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