Saturday, April 30, 2005

Winery Owner or Winery Supplier?

When you land that windfall from your "work" as an international arms dealer or when the long hours spent in the grow op start to pay off, you may begin to ponder where you can launder all that cash.
Maybe you were thinking, "I've always wanted a winery of my own!". How romantic! Sitting in your cellar in a dim light, sipping old vintages at a rustic yet substantial oak table and counting money.
But wait - why not become a winery supplier? Instead of being bogged down by a farm and all the vagaries of farming you could just sell the equipment or the supplies that all the wineries need. If you wanted, you could operate 9-5 and be home with your family or cronies every night.
Ha ha.
What I'm trying to say here is this: if you're thinking about getting into the wine business don't forget the peripherals. There's good money to be made in the trades or supply side of the wine business. If you're unsure about the long, dirty, cold, wet hours in the wine business then consider selling packaging, electrical, marketing, renovation, plumbing, cooperage, accounting, computer or a host of other services.
If you play nice and become a favoured player you'll still get invited to all the cool parties.

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