Friday, March 31, 2006

Chased From The Vineyard!

We we're chased out of the vineyard this morning by a steady rain.
Lots of trades work in the rain but when you're handling pruning shears and standing on slippery ground it becomes a little risky. We've had a good steady week of dry weather and made a lot of progress. So have the vines; buds are getting fuzzier and just beginning to swell. A week from now they may be too fragile to handle but I think we'll get the last dozen rows done without doing any damage.
These are young vines and still require some training. Eventually they will be double cordon but we've elected to keep them all single cordon for one more season.
Will post a few photos over the next little while to illustrate.
Plenty to do inside on a rainy day.
Meeting in a few minutes with another winemaker who is looking to buy some Chard. We have a little extra.
Barrel topping and tank analysis to do as well.
Bottling in two weeks means working through that checklist as well.

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