Friday, March 24, 2006

Riesling the King of Grapes

Christian over at Turn the Screw (click on the header) reports on how riesling really ought to be one of Oregon's premier varieties. The climate is right.
We've been growing good riesling around these parts for some time, but can we do better?
As vineyard properties becomes more expensive and growers start cultivating 'marginal' land, is it time we consider riesling for these areas?
Some of the world's best rieslings come from places where the soil is modestly described as 'challenging' and the climate makes Lynn Canyon or Tofino look arid.
Why not try some down in the bible belt (Langley - Abbotsford south of 40th Avenue or so)? It's long season might be able to cash in on a First Nations summer once in awhile.

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