Thursday, June 23, 2005

Field Trip! Everybody Hold Hands!

Hit the road today for a full agenda of visiting growers and wineries with an eye to getting an idea of a) how the vines are behaving and b) what foxy new things are going into wineries to make wine makers' lives easier.

First, the vines are looking good. The early season warmth and then the sudden cooling over the last few weeks has produced a long flowering with generally good fruit sets. Despite some squally storms and rainfall reminiscent of regular Junes (heavier/frequent) the vines are responding with vigorous growth and rampant canopies. Growers who have managed their spray schedule should have no problems with mildew to date. Now's the time for speed! The tucking, plucking and thinning need to happen pretty well now.

Second, got a chance to walk around Burrowing Owl with owner Jim Wyse. A great facility! Even if you don't get a chance to be shepherded by the boss, their self-guided tour and tower view for the general public is a must see. Their on-going expansion is on schedule and this year construction has begun on the "inn" - winery-attached accommodation. Tasted some of their wines and will post some notes soon.

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