Thursday, June 23, 2005

Rambling Wine Thoughts

* Wine Press Northwest has been inundated with comments and opinions on the subject of tasting room fees since editor Andy Perdue wrote something about a negative fee experience in Temecula, CA.

He's been selecting and publishing a few comments in his weekly email.

He's published stuff from the regular public and this week, from winery bizfolk. Next week he wraps it up.

* New York state lawmakers are expected to pass a bill that would allow state wineries to begin shipping wine out of state. Small wineries expect to increase business by at least 20% in some cases. Read more....

* Yet more Aussie wine on the way . . . Australia has just harvested another massive record crop so we can expect an endless wave of Yellowtail and Jacob's Creek to wash up on North American shores.

* Hey! A new wine magazine! This one is targeted at the largest segment of the wine-buying public.
Check it out.

* More on direct shipping . . . George Pataki, governor of New York, says he'll veto any direct shipping bill that comes to him that doesn't have a limit to the amount an individual can receive over the course of a year. He says he doesn't want some guy importing a garage full of wine selling to minors.
Gosh, George. Why isn't this "guy" doing that now? Who handles the governor? Why is he allowed to speak without a script? More on this story....


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