Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Name a winery today

Folks down in the Russian River ap are trying to come up with a name for their winery and they could sure use your help!

Check it out

I tried a few but I hadn't had my full prescription of java at the time.

Things I'm up to today:
Going to take a look at the paper chromatography I prepared yesterday to see how my reds are faring in the malo-lactic department. I should have a handle on that and be able to make adjustments as necessary. A lot of the barrels are crackling and such so it's just a matter of seeing how far along they are.

Next, I've got to start with some analysis on the 04 reds and see how they are doing. I'll prepare a topping schedule for myself and my part-time assistant.

There's still plenty of grunt work around the winery. When you're the only full time feller you do it all. So, I've got some equipment cleaning to do before putting it into off-season storage and a mass of picking and fermenting bins to scrub, stack and tarp.

This afternoon I get to meet with a couple of money people regarding winery investments.

On the immediate horizon, the 05 whites are due for some stability testing.

WINE lately: Besides my own private stock of 03 ME I'm partial to ARG Malbecs lately.

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