Monday, November 14, 2005

Wine in a Tetra Box

If the link below works, it should take you to an interesting story about wine packaging.
If screwcaps didn't rock their boats, these little packages should really get the cork geeks cranked up.

In case your didn't know. . . Peller Estates (Andres Wines) bought Red Rooster winery here on the Naramata Bench to give Peller some 'street cred' with the wine buying populace. Up til now all they've been was a brand with a very industrial street scene in Port Moody.

Also, the Holman empire continues to mushroom with the recent addition of Lang Vineyards.
So thats Spiller, Mistral, Benchland and still another being eyed at this time to join the stable.

Love those retailers, click on the link above to read about one horrendous wine retailer. This is why selling wine to the public will always be an uphill battle with cretins like this dude around.

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