Sunday, November 13, 2005

Wine or SKI?

Time to head into the winery this morning to do some "caretaker" duties including monitoring and maintaining the last of the red fermenters.
I'm now heading into the next phase of operations where I begin to assess what's resulted from all that fermenting and make some decisions on how each batch will be handled.
Racking and barreling and such and working some tentative bottling dates into the 2006 winter schedule. Calendars are deceptive. All that white space quickly gets eaten up and soon I'll be on deadline, trying to get wine ready for market.
Speaking of fermenting, I'm sure I was the last to realize Tom Wark's astounding Fermentations blog had to change it's name and is now without an 's'. If you haven't had an opportunity to read Tom's stuff you should do that right now. Fermentation
I wonder if I'll get a call someday from legal beagles, telling me I have to alter something in my blog?
In the meantime... I'm planning a winter break and for me it's all about the snow. I'd like to get some skiing in somewhere I've never been to before. I'm thinking maybe Big Sky in Montana
or one of the Oregon spots or maybe Fernie. Got any ideas? Not interested in Colorado, NM, Utah, Nevada or California. Two hour plane ride max.

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