Monday, May 16, 2005

Big Wine News Down South!

Down in the Excited States of America there's big news for wine lovers.
The Supreme Court has ruled that states' laws that prohibit the shipment of wine across state borders are unconstitutional.
Essentially, it looks like there will be direct shipping to any customer from any winery in any state - eventually.
Tom at Fermentations is all over this story. Here's a link to the ruling he provided. Here's a press release from the Coalition for Free Trade people. Check-out what they're saying on the following as well: Wineberis
Wine Tastings
Of course, the wholesalers and distributors are trying to put a happy face on all of this. Earth to Fatcats: minors don't buy booze from tony wineries at $300 per case to get sh*tface on Friday night. They go to your buddy the retailer's where the clerk went to school with his brother so everything's cool, right?
Canadians: before you get too smug - don't forget some of our kooky laws. Like where each province controls alcohol to the point of limiting free commerce.

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