Thursday, May 05, 2005

New wine maker photo and HMV shot

I updated my photo on my profile. I came across it cleaning out some old boxes. I had it taken when I was writing content for a short-lived marketing dealy called Targetpacks or something like that. They were custom contenting emails for people who signed up for their specific "packs" or newsletters so there were winepacks and petpacks and carpacks. As a bust start-up they were throwing money around so I cashed in.
Also I'm going to throw in a shot of Hawthorne Mountain Vineyards. This is the view from the deck, looking north-northeast up Skaha Lake towards Penticton in the Okanagan valley. I spent many hours looking at this view over all the seasons. HMV is over 120 acres of vineyards, dominated by Gewurztraminer. There's a charming old stone facade house that's almost a hundred years old that serves as the customer realtions center (tasting room). It's worth the 5 k. jaunt up the hill from Okanagan Falls.
The view from my old office.

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