Saturday, May 07, 2005

Birth of a Winery

I'm currently assisting with the design of a new winery. I've been asked for input in regard to the function of the plant.
The brain being the thing it is, the crappy parts get easily diminished as time goes by and the good things get embellished. But I am trying to objectively recall what really worked well in each of the facilities I've toiled.

This is an open invitation to all wine makers, winery staff and owners to submit a couple sentences about what really works well in your winery. Also, what really drives you nuts about and/or inhibits the smooth operation of your winery. I'd like to hear from tasting room staff, cellar rats, warehouse people and the bottling staff and everyone else. Everything counts! Give me a line or two about environmental controls or concrete floors or lighting or overhead clearances.

As an example: in small operations, I can't stand having to move finished cases over and over before it gets sold. When it comes off the bottling line (in a perfect world) the next person to touch that case should be the customer. Wouldn't that be great? In any industry.

How does it go now?

Out of the bottling room. Into a warehouse. OOps! not enough room in the warehouse; send it across town to the leased space. Bring some back for the wine shop. Too much in the wine shop; send it downstairs. (two days later...) Okay bring that wine back up to the shop. Ad nauseum.

Thanks for allowing me to vent.

So, just add a comment when you can or have your favourite wine industry professional email me at:


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