Thursday, May 12, 2005

Lake Breeze Seven Poplars Pinotage 2003

Every once in awhile a wine comes along that makes you stop and take notice. That's how I felt when I had my first sip of this wine.
The last Pinotage I'd had was years ago and I remember it being insipid and not worth purchasing again.
This one from Lake Breeze is a whole different cat.
It's the only P-tage produced in Canada but if this is an indication of what it's like on a regular basis then I expect growers will be trying to get hold of some vines.
It big, full and rich with plenty of jammy richness on the palate. Shiraz lovers will find something here they can sink their teeth into. Garron Elmes, the wine maker, says it will improve with age but those rich flavours hued with cocoa and a hint of tropical spice may have you drinking your lot before much time has gone by. $25 at the cellar door.
18.5 / 20 Buy
The first viewers got to enjoy my typo which suggested trying Pintotage, a small 1970's wine made by Ford and subject to explosions when tapped in the rear.

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