Monday, February 20, 2006

Sharpen Your Elbows . . .It's Wine Tasting Time

I've been away from it from a few years but this year I'm ready for the big one. The schedule is clear.
Time for The 28th Annual Vancouver International Wine Festival

In a nutshell,
1320 wines
186 wineries
15 countries
52 events
21,000 people
7 days.

Too much detail to go into here but you owe it to yourself to at least visit the website and take a gander at all the goings on.

Every year they have a "theme". Usually that means they pick a country and honour its contribution to the world of wine.

This year its France.

I wonder if they'll have some traditional French wine growers activities? See below.

Most of the French at the wine tasting will be wearing suits and ties and very thin socks that look much like pantyhose.

If you're going to the festival tasting could you help me out with this one thing? Go to a table, get your sample and then get the FUCK AWAY from the front of the tasting area so the rest of us can get a taste! Don't stand there snorting, wheezing and muttering and trying to look down the rep's cleavage. Get out of the way! I've only got three or four hours. I don't need to hear your small talk and audible pondering while I stand behind you admiring the drift of dandruff on the nape of your Armani. Get yourself over to the sausage stand and pass a bit of gas there and not in front of me, chum.
Rant over.

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