Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Wine Books You Must Have

When you're stuck in your cellar on a rainy winter day trying to figure out an analysis method or a cellar technique there's three things you can do:
  1. call up a knowlegable winemaker and ask her. That's only going to work a few times before you get invoiced for consultant's time.
  2. try looking up something on the Web - hit and miss there.
  3. consult one of your valuable text.

Number three is the one you'll most often do and that's going to require some purchasing.
I've started to display some books (with Amazon's help) I think are essential. If you're looking to expand your reference section at the winery take a moment to check out these tomes.

Here's a tip: The Winery Design book by Christian Datz isn't even out yet. You can order it and it will ship on release (June 06) It's supposed to quite good.

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