Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Wine Bloggers and Wine Blog Readers - No FEED, No READ!

If you're all ready hip to news aggregators and feed subscribing you can skip this stuff.

But for you other cats - read on.

If you don't have a news aggregator you probably read this blog by some kind of accident or search result or something random like that. If you're a repeat visitor, maybe you've got me bookmarked. Well thanks for that!

Let me save you some time. Get yourself a news reader and subscribe to all your favourite blogs. Anybody who has an RSS symbol or ATOM or whatever they call it can be subscribed. The news reader acts like a little browser that is always looking for new stuff in your selected items. When you open the news reader it shows you (mine uses boldface on the blog title) who's been posting since your last visit. You can ignore the non-posters and scan the titles of those that have.

I've got so many blogs I read it would take me a whole whack of time just to check and see if there was anything new . . . never mind the time to read what I wanted!

I use SharpReader. I think it's great. It's free. Do a search for news aggregators. Pick your own. Install it and streamline your online time!

And if you don't have a feed for your blog, Mr./Ms. Last Century, why not head over to FeedBurner and do a little brain time.

And don't forget to use that big orange button to subscribe to my blog.

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