Monday, March 07, 2005

Bring your own Wine in Ontario

Legislation was recently enacted in the province of Ontario that allows members of the public to bring their own wine to their favourite restaurant. If that restaurant wants to go along with the idea.
Restaurants are allowed to charge corkage and set rules. As an example, some diners may have to pay up to $30 corkage and the wine must be something the restaurant does not carry.
I recall years ago when I worked as a waiter in Vancouver that often regular customers would sometimes ask to bring a special bottle. We didn't do it for Joe Blow but sometimes we'd allow the big spenders to bend the rules. On one occasion this fellow brings two bottles to share with his party of 12. We couldn't believe it when we opened the bag. The stuff was so low-end that I think our bus boys would probably give it a pass. Mr. Customer was very happy, though.
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An American Dante said...

I always thought that part of the enjoyment of fine dining or visiting a winery was experiencing their selection of wines and food. I am surprised that this law was enacted, it seems like a waste of money over such a minimal issue. Then again, I don't know much about economics and society in BC. Thank you for your comment post on my page! I appreciate your advice. How did you find my site?

Bradley Cooper, Winemaker said...

I was just blog surfing. Liked the flames and your photo. What's the dante reference? Was the Inferno particularily inspiring?

An American Dante said...

Ahh, nice to see that you read your comments! :-) I too am a blog surfer in my free time, it's fun to see how others experience the world. I read Dante's Divine Comedy in college and being a Religion minor and former catholic found it ironic and comedic. I'm not sure he meant it to be so, but that's the impression it left with me. It is a great piece of literature, however, and I aspire to be an accomplished writer someday. Your life sounds very interesting. You should post on how you got involved in the wine industry or make it part of your profile! Visit my site again sometime, I appreciate your comments!

Anonymous said...

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