Friday, March 25, 2005

The Rating of Wine

There's a different way to judge wine for every day of the year. Most scales are based on 20 points, 100 points or something akin to a report card with A's and B's et cetera.
There's lots of yak out there right now (see the Fermentaions link down the left side and the Professor Bainbridge site).
A lot of wine people want to put a value segment into their assessments. I think wine judging or rating is full of subjectivity as it is. Value adds another wild card. I say, just state the price and let the reader decide if there is some value to purchasing that wine experience.
I use the 20 point system. One of my reasons is that Wine Dictator doesn't use it.
Roughly, the 20 points are assigned thus:
  • 4 for clarity and colour. My least favourite category. When you buy a case for the cellar it will probably taste the same whether you still have your eyesight or not in 20 years.
  • 5 for bouquet, aroma and nasal heat (irritation)
  • 5 for taste, texture, varietal or other style.
  • 3 for finish, balance
  • 3 bonus points should the wine create an epiphany or other spiritual event.

At the end of it all I ponder, "Would I buy this wine?". Generally anything over 14 is worth considering.

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