Friday, March 04, 2005

This Wine List is for Wine Lovers

Anyone in and around Vancouver knows the success that CRU is enjoying. It's a restaurant that provides superlative service up front and dynamite creations from the kitchen. To top it all off, Mark Taylor's human-friendly wine list breaks a few rules to produce a really cool tool for the customer. Old school wine lists are just, well, lists(!). It's as if the restaurant was saying: "Well, here are the wines. I've put them in little categories according to country and grape. Hope that helps. Have fun." CRU's list functions. Wines are colour coded and accompanied by section descriptions like 'crisp'. Who gives a rat's bum about what side of a hill in Burgundy the wine comes from? Is it mellow or crisp? Wine drinkers need a clue about what the wine tastes like, not the grape's parentage or the size of the farm. CRU has a website so check it out. You other restaurants - go ahead and copy the format after you talk to Mark. I'm sure he'll be flattered.

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Jack said...

You have me psyched to read CRU's winelist.

Unfortunately, the CRU website has let us down. You click on wine get to, well, not the wine list. But there is Another place on this page to click Wine List.

You click that. Yeah, those Bastards! (to quote someone in South Park) Still no wine list. INCREDIBLE. I've never seen a restaurant website that has TWO places to click for Wine List and still not actually have even an outdated wine list to peruse.

Still, I won't hold it against them. For very long.