Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Wine Stores = Wine SERVICE

Wine stores are like every other retail category. If the store doesn't have something special to offer, what makes it stand out from the herd? I hope to make that one of my criteria as I begin to sift throught the inventory of wine stores in BC to help the consumer determine what they offer.
While it helps if you can actually drop in to talk to staff, let it be known that most of these stores can arrange shipping. So if one store has that certain bottle you're looking for, don't hesitate in making a virtual visit.
One of my favourite stores is Discover Wines in Kelowna, BC. Suzanne Mick and Tracy Gray have set up a very attractive establishment and have staffed it with quality personnel. These people really know their wines. This is a VQA store, with many difficult to find titles. Service is the key word here; you won't find some gum-chewing, catatonic cashier idly waiting for your money. The staff at Discover is keen to find you exactly what you want from their list of hundreds of wines.

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